Detergente para

lavadora ecologico

Laminas ultra-concentradas
Detergente ecologico para lavadora
Detergente ecologico libre de plasticos

Sin plasticos, usamos 

reusable bottles

Productos de limpieza Cruelty Free y sin toxicos
Ingredientes cruelty free y sin tóxicos
Detergente ecologico en hojas

No contienen agua y asi ocupan menos espacio en tu hogar.

Productos de limpieza mas economico

Ahorro economico, con nuestra suscripicion

Productos limpieza libre de plasticos

Sin plasticos, usamos

reusable bottles

Detergente ecologicos en hojas

No contienen agua y asi ocupan menos espacio en tu hogar.

Productos de limpieza cruelty free y sin ingredientes toxicos

Ingredientes cruelty free y sin tóxicos

Productos ecologicos mas economicos

Ahorro economico, con nuestra suscripicion

112.860 botellas de plastico evitadas

Compra tu botella una vez y recargala para siempre.

Pastillas de limpieza ecologica
Pasos para usar pastilla de limpieza ecologica
Paso final, comienza tu limpieza ecologica

Productos Neletab

Productos convencionales 

Libre de ingredientes toxicos

Libre de plasticos

Vegano y cruelty Free

Ahorro economico

Respeta el medio ambiente

Cambiate a una limpieza ecologica y mas sostenible

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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy the pills without subscribing?

Of course we do! We offer great discounts and advantages for subscribing because it allows us to reduce shipping costs and better plan our stock, but if you prefer you can buy your products only once. 

Select your preferred mode on the product page.

Remember that you can cancel your subscription from the first order.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Of course! We don't have minimum periods.

When you subscribe you will be created a neletab account - from which you can cancel or modify your subscription.

It's immediate and super easy!

How often will I receive the products?

The default is 3 months, but you can change the delivery frequency from your user area.

We will let you know a week before we send your products in case you want to cancel or postpone the shipment. 

How many pills will I receive?

You can choose the number of tablets you want on the product page.

What happens if I have not spent the product before I receive more?

We've thought of that and you don't have to worry. We will send you a reminder email several days before we send you your order, soif you still have product left you can change the delivery date from your user area.

I want to add or remove products, how do I do it?

It's easy. Log in to your neletab account - and change the products you want to receive.